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Townhouses for sale

Discover Calgary's diverse townhouses for sale. Explore urban living options tailored to your lifestyle. Find your perfect home in this dynamic city. Start your journey today!

Is buying a townhouse a good fit for you?

Experience Calgary's townhouses offering a blend of urban living and community charm. Enjoy proximity to amenities, efficient layouts, and potential for investment. Realtor Joe Oulovsky specializes in showcasing these homes, ensuring personalized guidance and a seamless buying experience. Explore townhomes with Joe for a distinctive and rewarding living opportunity in Calgary.

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Benefits of owning a townhouse


Townhouses offer affordability when buying a home if your budget doesn't allow for a detached house, providing a great opportunity for homeownership in desired areas.

Pet friendly

Many townhouses in Calgary are pet-friendly, providing a welcoming environment for both residents and their furry companions. Enjoy the convenience of shared spaces and amenities while having the comfort of knowing your pets are also part of your home.

Fenced in yard

Experience privacy, security, and pet-friendly living in Calgary's townhouses with fenced yards. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a secure outdoor space.


Enjoy the convenience and security of townhouses in Calgary with single or double garages. Keep your vehicle warm and secure while embracing modern living amenities.


Townhouse backyards offer a space for gardening, relaxation, and outdoor activities. Enjoy gardening, hosting gatherings, and creating a private retreat in your own backyard oasis.

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